need aerial footage or photography?

The use of drones is increasing all the time but, in line with our philosophy in business we would would ask what the footage is intended for, what are you trying to show? Does it just need to look great or do you need to deliver a specific or technical message?



An area we have particular expertise in is filming land, sounds straight forward, but why do you need the footage? Is the land for sale? Does it need to show views from certain heights or vantage points, does it need to show boundary information? We can provide anything from basic photographs to full virtual site visits showing plans and planning credentials.

editing, titles, production?

We have full editing facilities to be able to provide titles or labels, highlight areas, draw lines or provide whatever effects you need to make sure your footage fulfils its brief. 

leave it to us

As qualified, fully insured drone pilots you we will perform all of the necessary checks to ensure that the flight is performed safely. As per our business experience detailed on our other pages, we are at ease dealing with other professionals you may wish us to liaise with to ensure everything goes to plan and we have all of the relevant detail to ensure our footage/photography delivers.

next steps

Drop us an email, give us a call...............

"If at first you don't succeed, try another perspective" 

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